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Eye lenses with telescopic effect

Scientists from Switzerland decided to create special contact lenses with telescopic effect, that consists in the possibility to increase or decrease scale of visible picture almost instantaneously.

Swiss scientists are actively working on the creation of special contact lenses, that will act in the manner of tiny telescopes. They will be able to increase or decrease scale of visible picture almost instantaneously. In addition, these lenses will improve peripheral vision more than three times.

Experts believe that in future contact lenses with a telescopic effect will be applied by people with age-related macular degeneration. They also think that wearing of telescopic lenses will be safer and more effective way of eyesight contact correction of this disease than surgical intervention.

New contacts represent a system of plastic, the thinnest plastic films and aluminum mirrors. All parts are joined together with the help of biocompatible glue. The thickness of the lens is 1,55 mm. Also, there are air channels with a diameter of 0,1 mm. in the structure of the matrix. They are intended for the improvement of gas permeability of corneal cells. Activation of the telescopic effect occurs at the moment of blinking. To activate the device the person should blink with his right eye, and to turn it off, with a left one.

Currently, the development of Swiss scientists passes the required tests. It is quite possible that in two years this unique contact lenses will appear in shops and will help millions of people to restore their visual acuity.