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Creator of coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses are very popular among millions of people worldwide. Despite this fact, there are few people who know that Samuel Loshaek is their creator.

His parents lived in Ukraine and emigrated to Canada when Sam was just four years old. After finishing school Sam had entered the University of Alberta on the faculty of chemical engineering, where he earned a bachelor's degree. Then he continued his education and after a time became a holder of a master's degree. Finally, he protected his thesis for a Doctor's degree at the University of Visconti (USA).

Samuel Loshaek was not only an inventor and author of numerous patents, but also had pronounced skills in  management. For a long time he had worked in the corporation Wesley-Jessen as a Head of the Research Department. In those years, Bausch + Lomb company was the leader in the market of means of eyesight contact corrections. Loshaek clearly understood that his corporation will not be able to leave it behind in the sphere of manufacture of transparent lenses. Exactly at that time he had invented the world's first coloured contact lenses, that gave users a great opportunity to change natural colour of the iris.

This innovation helped Loshaek to lead Wesley-Jessen company to the first positions in the market.

The inventor of coloured contact lenses had died at the age of 88 years. But his memory lives not only in the hearts of his relatives. It is immortalized in famous contact lenses FreshLook. Today, Online-Shop Ecolens can offer you a great assortment of tinted and coloured contacts of this series: