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Hand soap and dry eye syndrome

Many users of contact lenses consider that the feeling of dryness, that can be experienced by them at the end of the day, is associated with wearing of means of eyesight correction. And sometimes they do not discuss it even with their doctor. Finally, they have to either suffer from discomfort or abandon the use of contacts.

Not long ago in an interview to online magazine Primary Care Optometry News, Dr. Salvatore Shakir said that the feeling of eye dryness is not always caused by wearing of contact lenses. In many cases, it can be provoked by the irritation of conjunctiva with cleaning solutions or hand soap.

According to the specialist, in most cases the feeling of eye dryness is explained by the chemical causes and it is quite common phenomenon among users of contact lenses.

Despite the fact that dry eye syndrome and deferred eye dryness are manifested in similar symptoms, these pathologies are quite different. Their main difference consists in the fact that users, which suffer from dry eye syndrome can cope with unpleasant feelings and experience prolonged comfort with the help of eye drops.

Deferred eye dryness is most frequently observed in users that use multipurpose solutions for cleansing of optical discs. That is why Dr. Salvatore Shakir recommends disposable daily contacts and peroxide solutions, that include preservatives and surfactants in the composition for those who feel itching, reddening and dryness of the eyes.

Another common cause of the appearance of symptoms of deferred eye dryness is ordinary hand soap. Statistics shows that this syndrome is often experienced by very disciplined users, that wash their hands thoroughly before realization of any manipulations with contacts. As a result, the chemicals remain on the skin and irritate delicate eye tissues. The most insidious in this respect are moisturizing and antibacterial sorts of soap. In this case, Dr. Salvatore Shakir advises to switch to the use of special soap Vista-Prep, that is intended specifically for users of contact lenses. Unfortunately, this product is not on sale in Russia, but it is also possible to replace your ordinary soap with glycerine or baby soap.