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Sensitive Eyes


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Lens care solution Sensitive Eyes is an effective preparation, that can perfectly cope with the elimination of foreign particles, that cause irritation and ensures deep moistening, that protects visual organs of the user from dryness and any unpleasant feelings, associated with constant wearing of medical lenses.

Thanks to it's unique composition the solution cleans, disinfects and moistens contact lenses at the same time. It carefully removes mucus, oil, protein and cosmetic deposits, that accumulate on the lens surface while using and can be harmful for eye health. In addition, this care solution moistens lenses and protect eyes from dehydration. Constant use of multi-purpose solution Sensitive Eyes can significantly increase wearing time of contacts.

Above mentioned solution has passed all the clinical trials and meets all the modern standarts. The product is absolutely safe for delicate eye tissues and can be used without any worries. Ophthalmologists from all over the world  recommend these care solution, because they are absolutely sure in it's quality and reliability.

The main advantages of contact lens solution Sensitive Eyes:

  • deep moistening;

  • delicate cleaning;

  • qualitative disinfection;

  • suitable for everyday use.
Solution Type: Multipurpose
Product Type: Solutions
Manufacturer: Ireland
Manufacturer: Bausch + Lomb
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Sensitive Eyes 355 ml

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