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Traditional 6-12 Month

From year to year, traditional contact lenses become more and more popular among the consumers. Our online assistants will be glad to help you with the selection and ordering of the most suitable means of eyesight correction (according to your personal characteristics and at an affordable price).

Traditional lenses can be worn for a period of up to 12 months. On the pages of Online-Shop Ecolens.ch you can find all the required care products and accessories, used for cleaning, disinfection and storage of eye contacts.

Long-term replacement schedule implies constant care with the help of the special lens solutions, that eliminate protein and lipid deposits, accumulated on the surface of the lenses while using. It is worth noting that such external factors as cosmetics, tobacco smoke and various microorganisms also have an influence on contact lenses, and so it is very important to observe all the lens care rules  properly (in this way, you will be able to retain their correctional properties for the whole wearing period ). If you have any quaestions, associated with the selection and ordering of eye lenses, contact with the assistants from our customer support service.

The advantages of traditional contact lenses:

  • strength;

  • affordability;

  • convenience.

Traditional lenses are manufactured on the basis of the strong materials (because of the long-term replacement schedule) and ensure high eyesight quality and unsurpassed wearing comfort.

The popularity of traditional lenses is explained by their affordable price, usability and the absence of necessity to replace lenses constantly.

Depending on the parameters, these lenses have several varieties – optical, toric, coloured and tinted.