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Biotrue Eye Drop


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Rewetting drops Biotrue Eye Drop are manufactured by famous American company  Bausch & Lomb and can perfectly cope with cleaning of eye lenses and removing of protein deposits from their surface. Regular use of this product significantly increases wearing comfort of all types of contacts.

The eye drops ensure delicate care of visual organs of the user. They carefully moisten and mitigate eye tissues, protect them from dust and foreign particles. It is worth noting that they are very popular among those people who spend much time working on the computer. Moreover, many users   purchasee this care product as they absolutely sure that it can provide them with constant protection against harmful influence of the environment.

The main peculiarities of eye drops Biotrue Eye Drop:

  • compact flask;

  • eye moistening;

  • protection from dry eye syndrome;

  • remove reddening;

Convient flask (15 ml) will become your indispensable companion in any situation. Thanks to the compact size it can easily fit even in your pocket.

Lens drops Biotrue Eye Drop completely exclude the occurrence of dry eye syndrome, irritation and reddening. Finally, it will allow you to experience unsurpassed comfort and safety while wearing your contact lenses.

Drops Type: Rewetting
Product Type: Drops
Manufacturer: USA
Series: Biotrue
Manufacturer: Bausch + Lomb
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Biotrue Eye Drop 10 ml

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