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Blink Intensive Tears Plus


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Eye drops Blink Intensive Tears Plus are an innovative product of the last generation, designed specially for those people, who would like to mitigate eye strain and get rid of any discomfort, associated with constant wearing of contact lenses. They perfectly protect user's eyes from dryness, irritation and reddening.

These eye drops ensure permanent comfort and unsurpassed vision quality while using contacts. Professional ophthalmologists also note advanced medical properties of the product. It is manufactured on the basis of the unique component OCUPURE, that imitates natural composition of lacrimal fluid and is absolutely safe for eye health.

Rewetting and lubricating drops Blink Intensive Tears Plus increase the stability of the tear film and reduce it's osmolarity (concentration of all the dissolved particles). With the help of these eye drops the tear film is restored every time you blink. The product meets all the modern requirements and it's properties are clinically proven.

The main advantages of lens drops Blink Intensive Tears Plus:

  • mitigate eye strain;

  • increase the stability of the tear film;

  • reduce the osmolarity of the tear film;

  • restore tear film while blinking;

  • get rid of dryness, irritation and reddening.
Drops Type: Rewetting
Product Type: Drops
Manufacturer: Ireland
Manufacturer: AMO (Allergan)
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Blink Intensive Tears Plus 10 ml

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