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Rewetting and lubricating eye drops Blink-N-Clean perfectly remove protein and lipid deposits from contact lenses and ensure their comfortable and healthy wearing. They are suitable for those people who spend much time outdoors, work in contaminated areas or do sports.

These eye drops can both moisten and clean lenses at the same time. Professional ophthalmologists recommend to use them with all types of contacts.

Few drops of Blink-N-Clean will help to restore the feeling of cleanness and freshness while using eye lenses. In addition, they will increase wearing time of contact lenses and protect your visual organs from any unpleasant feelings, caused by friction between the lens and delicate eye tissues.

The main advantages of eye drops Blink-N-Clean:

  • protection from protein and lipid deposits;

  • careful cleaning and deep moistening;

  • suitable for all types of contact lenses;

  • ensure comfortable and safe wearing of contacts;

  • increse wearing time of medical eye lenses.
Drops Type: Cleanse
Product Type: Drops
Manufacturer: Ireland
Series: Complete
Manufacturer: AMO (Allergan)
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Blink-N-Clean 15 ml

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