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Opti-tears Free


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Lens drops Opti-tears Free are an indispensable cleaning product, intended for constant care of contact lenses. They are manufactured by specialists from well-known company Alcon on the basis of innovative components that allow to imitate the composition of natural lacrimal fluid and ensure comfortable and safe wearing of contacts.

The composition of these eye drops also includes special ingredient – duasorb (mixture of water soluble polymers), that provides delicate eye tissues with a sufficient amount of moisture and all the required nutrients and chemicals, contained in it. This peculiarity allows to increase comfort in the process of use of contact lenses. The eye drops do not contain preservatives and can perfectly cope with the elimination of such unpleasant symptoms as dryness and burning pain.

Rewetting and lubricating drops Opti-tears Free can be used in daily regimen with all types of contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel. It also worth noting that professional ophthalmologists recommend the use of these eye drops even for those people who suffer from allergic reactions or increased eye sensitivity.

The main advantages of eye drops Opti-tears Free:

  • eliminate dryness and burning pain;

  • can be used with all types of contacts;

  • moisten eye cornea;

  • do not contain preservatives;

  • suitable for those people who suffer from allergic reactions or increased eye sensitivity.
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Drops Type: Rewetting
Product Type: Drops
Manufacturer: USA
Manufacturer: Alcon
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Opti-tears Free 30x0.4 ml

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